The objectives we aim in our project are to:

  •          identify the current dropout rates of each participating school and compare with national figures
  •          identify the implications and impact of long term and short term school dropout to the individual, society and economy
  •          research and exchange good practices and dealing with school dropout with the help of new media
  •          use a range of strategies to deal with school dropouts and attendance issues
  •          raise awareness to help students appreciate the value of education
  •          involve all kind of students
  •          be more politically aware
  •          identify and apply strategies to cope with bullying/cyberbullying
  •          develop key competencies, such as self, social, media competencies, awareness and  strategies to  improve professional  opportunities within future life
  •          develop creative lessons using information and creative technology to improve teaching and learning
  •          identify strategies to self motivate students
  •          develop the English skills of pupils and staff

Within our project we want to address as well students with low learning motivation as students who aim to attent a university after successful school graduation. They should motivate and benefit from each other.  By doing that we want to work on our students’  learning competence as well as on their social one. Therefore, we can learn good practice and find new access to innovative education, training and youth work using new media.