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Springwood High School is a comprehensive school with Specialist Performing Arts Status and a long history of providing an excellent education to pupils in West Norfolk.

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Springwood is our high school, it is one of many in kings Lynn. The ages range from 11-16 years old but we call the age groups year 7-11.

Springwood High School Profile

Video from our Town  –  Welcome to King’s Lynn Norfolk

King’s Lynn also known as Lynn. Is a seaport and market town in the ceremonial country of Norfolk in East of England.

Kings Lynn – Our Town

Our town – King’s Lynn presentation

  • King’s Lynn is a town located in the east of England in the county of Norfolk.
  • It has a population of approximately 40,000.

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What is the EU?

How did the EU Begin?

Which countries belong to the EU?


European Union

The European Union

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There are 28 states

The history of the EU

Who runs the EU???????

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How the European union started

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